Coco Islands

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The Republic of Coco Islands
Îles Coco
Motto: "Seulement des larmes"
"Only Teardrops"
Anthem: "Only Teardrop" (Emmelie the Forrest)
Largest city Ivetagrad
Official languages Coco's Frech
National Languages Ukrainen
Regional Languages English
Ethnic groups (2016) 87% Cocoéci
5% Southern Slavonian
4% Teardrop Islandess
4% Other
Religion 98% Cocosm, 2% Other
Demonym Cocosmialos / Cocosi
Government League of Honoral Member
 •  Honorary Queen Magdalena Ena since 5.6. 2017
 •  Honorary King Loic Nottet
 •  Big Bitch Iveta Mukuchyan
 •  Shady Bitch Agáta Hanychová
 •  Hot Bitch Alma
 •  Fab Bitch Alma
 •  2016 estimate 96,680,571
GDP (nominal) 2016 estimate
 •  Total $8,6 Trillion
 •  Per capita $99,696
Gini (2016)23.2
HDI (2016)Increase 0.976
very high
Currency Coco Crowns (б) (COC)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +165
ISO 3166 code CO
Internet TLD .ci

Coco Islands, officially the The Republic of Coco Islands (Cocos: Îles Coco) is a country in the Youro bordered by one countriy, Southern Slavonia to the South. The country has a population of around 96 Million Cocoiss with the capital city being EmmFortek located to the south along the coast. The country of Coco Islands is a highly developed country with a good living standard due to the success of the Cocois Adult-Film industry. The country is governed by a "League of Honoral Member".

Geography[edit | edit source]

Coco Islands is a predominantly mountainous and hilly country with around 75% of the country living over 100m above sea level. The mountains and hills are usually covered by lush evergreen pine forests and are carved by rivers that form large canyons and gorges some only passable by boat. Located in the Rabirllo Region to the East of the country, Mt. Scholumatria - the highest point in Coco Islands - reaches 1257m above sea level and is a popular route for pilgrims who follow the Eastern Wanoees faiths as there are various shrines and monasteries speckled around the mountain. Other notable types of landscape that can be found in Coco Islands are Canyons - most notable the Ruůp River Canyon - and the high plateaus of Poplasitoeurusl where one can find the majestic ÉÉroow Towers.