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Junior Youro Song Contest
Official logo of Youro Song Contest since 4th edition
Genre Song Contest
Country of origin List of countries
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
Location(s) List of host cities
Running time 2 hours, 30 minutes
Production company(s) Youro Broadcasting Union
Picture format 1080i (HDTV) (2015–present)
Original run 28th December 2016 – present
Related shows Youro Song Contest (2016–)
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The Junior Youro Song Contest , often shortened to JYSC is a song competition which has been organised by the Youro Broadcasting Union (YBU) monthly since 2016 and is open exclusively to broadcasters that are members of the YBU. It is held in a differentcity each year, however the same city can host the contest more than once.

The competition has many similarities to the Youro Song Contest from which its name is taken. Each participating broadcaster sends an act, the members of which are 16 years old or younger on the day of the contest, and an original song lasting between 2 minutes 45 seconds and 3 minutes to compete against the other entries. Each entry represents the country served by the participating broadcaster. Viewers from the participating countries are invited to vote for their favourite performances by Televoting and a national jury from each participating country also vote. The overall winner of the contest is the entry that has received the most points after the scores from every country have been collected and totalled.

Participation[edit | edit source]

Only active member broadcasters of the YBU are permitted to take part and vote in the contest, though the contest has been screened in several non-participating countries.

Participation in the contest tends to change dramatically each year. Listed are all the countries that have ever taken part in the competition alongside the year in which they made their debut:

A total of 26 countries debuted in the 1st edition

Edition Country making its debut entry
1st  Alvinia,  Arcorar,  Bartistan,  Calf Tides,  Campre,  Coco Islands,  Destiny,  Fire Island,  Graustark,  Hastwyn, Hispanvs Terra,  Kalipolis,  Lazanistan,  Limania,  Mexerica,  Niterus Kingdom,  Orange Island,  Phytopia,  Platonia,  Saint-Milo,  Sakamichiland,  Séneca,  Southern Slavonia,  Uff Da,  United Fulania,  Vallésta,
2nd  Julbrendsen Isles,  Mistralton,  Schneidsen-Dresselstein
3rd  Bazankaiya
4th  Auryville
5th  Elliria,  Volbaria

Hosting[edit | edit source]

Slogans[edit | edit source]

Since the first edition, slogans (or themes) have been introduced in the show. The slogan is decided by the host broadcaster and based on the slogan, the theme and the visual design are developed.

The 3rd edition had no slogan or logo as the broadcaster could find the fundings to make one.

Edition Host city Slogan
1st Lazanistan Matildefjord "Be A Tree"
2nd Uff Da Huttiheita "#Sweet"
4th Mistralton Nimbasa "Musical Evolution"
5th Julbrendsen Isles Cazarina "Kaleidoscopic World"

Winners[edit | edit source]

Edition Country Artist (s) Song Points Margin Runner-up Date Host city Part.
1st  Uff Da Kristian Kostov Ne Si Za Men 142 31  Séneca 17 January 2017 Lazanistan Matildefjord 26
2nd  Graustark Alexandra Abrameyzeva RumDiDum 143 36  Séneca 15 February 2017 Uff Da Huttiheita 24
3rd  Mistralton China Anne McClain Calling All The Monsters 107 10  Phytopia 12 March 2017 Graustark Kryzena 22
4th  Julbrendsen Isles Connie Talbot Gravity 95 1  Coco Islands 16 April 2017 Mistralton Nimbasa 18
5th  Lazanistan Jasmine Thompson Adore 99 1  Uff Da 9 May 2017 Julbrendsen Isles TBA 17

By country[edit | edit source]

Map showing each country's number of Junior Youro wins up to and including 4th edition.
Wins Country Editions
1  Uff Da 1st
 Graustark 2nd
 Mistralton 3rd
 Julbrendsen Isles 4th
 Lazanistan 5th

By language[edit | edit source]

Wins Language Editions Countries
4 English 2nd, 3rd, 4th Graustark, Mistralton, Julbrendsen Isles, Lazanistan
1 Bulgarian 1st Uff Da

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