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Kashykia, officially The Kashyk Republic (Kashyk::ფეღუშბოლნა ნაქშთ - Respublika Kazhug) is a country situated to the north of the eastern island above country 19. Kashykia’s capital is Abasha located to the west of the country between the Rinuli and Iori rivers.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally the land occupied by Kashykia was divided into two Kingdoms – represented on the flag. The Lion and Phoenix Kingdoms used to be constantly at war with each other until peace was establish at the hands of Tamar the Great who is the founder of modern day Kashykia. The war between Kingdoms was being fought due to the greed to the two Kings and their lust for power without thinking of the population of the two nations. It was impossible for the citizens to rise up against the Kings as they were too oppressed by their leaders to even think of such an idea. Tamar, on the other hand began gaining support due to her kind nature and will to bring the two Kingdoms into prosperity and give the people a fair leader. She and her close circle devised plans to trick the Kings and forge documents that would gradually cede power back to the population. When the time was right, both peoples of the Lion and Phoenix Kingdoms rebelled with force against their leadership thus began the Great Revolt. The Revolt lasted for 5 years with the Kings now working together to try and keep the population at bay, however, ultimately they did not succeed and both of the Kings were thrown into jail. Tamar was elected as the leader of the country and ruled by a policy of equality, fairness and peace (as they did not want a repeat of the previous decade). Tamar brought Kashykia great prosperity and wealth and her legacy is still admired today. The reason that the two Kingdoms’ animals are represented on the flag is not to remind people of the Kingdoms but to remind the citizens of Kashykia that it is always best to unite to fight for what is right.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Kashykia is a predominantly mountainous and hilly country with around 75% of the country living over 1000m above sea level. The mountains and hills are usually covered by lush evergreen pine forests and are carved by rivers that form large canyons and gorges some only passable by boat. Located in the G’obezdek Region to the East of the country, Mt. Hana - the highest point in Kashykia - reaches 6250m above sea level and is a popular route for pilgrims who follow the Eastern Orthodox and Sakatvelo faiths as there are various shrines and monasteries speckled around the mountain. Other notable types of landscape that can be found in Kashykia are Canyons - most notable the Vark River Canyon - and the high plateaus of Esnija where one can find the majestic Svaneti Towers. Despite the cold mountainous landscape inland Kashykia has very warm and dry summers when many of the citizens who live inland flock to the coast in cities such as Telavi or Maila. One of the most famous sites for most tourists is the Mailese old town which dates back hundreds of years when Maila used to be a hub for trade and commerce. Furthermore, along the coast one can find many small islands and islets some of which are inhabited by a few people or are completely empty/deserted.

Cities and Regions[edit | edit source]

Region Capital Population
Flag of Carpathia.png Karveli Svaneti 478,905
Flag of Esnia.png Esnova Gardabani 1,149,825
Flag of Inuleilan.png Tul'evi Khoni 1,658,333
Flag of Jõkula.png Ervan Abasha 1,960,649
Flag of Kolmenden.png Daluzhen Jvari 823,654
Flag of Ku.png G'obezdek Kvarzh 684,572
Flag of Tulaisan.png Khashveli Mseka 756,431

Kashyk Language (Alphabet)[edit | edit source]

The main language in Kashykia is the Kashykian language which is spoken by all Kashyk citizens as it’s taught in school and all official documents have to be published in Kashyk. However, due to the mountainous terrain of Kashykia, the country is home to wide array of languages spoken by various different people groups. The most prominent of them being Atluri who are a people group that live in the Esnova region and have a completely different language and culture of Kashykian. Furthermore languages such as Armenian, Estonian, Serbian, and Kazakh are spoken in various culture pockets in the many valleys in Kashykia and English and French are taught as compulsory subjects in school so the majority of the population around 85% speak both English and French.


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