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Member station ITV1
National selection events Internal Selection (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12)
Youro: Limania Decides (2)
Youro Limania Project: A Song for Claudia (9)
The Best of Limania (10, 11, 13, 14, 15)
Appearances 25
First appearance YSC 1
Best result 2nd: YSC 11
Worst result 22nd: YSC 9 (SF)
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Limania made their debut in the 1st edition of the Youro Song Contest held in Gokk, Uff Da. Since the country has two member stations in the YBU, Imperial Televisión (ITV) and Televisión Pública de Limania (LTV), both broadcasters alternate the selection of its entries. While ITV does it in the odd editions (1st, 3rd and so on), LTV does it in the even editions (2nd, 4th and so on) through several methods described below.

Limania has been present since Youro Song Contest 1 and is yet to win the contest so far. Its best position was reached in Youro Song Contest 11, with the song "Volevo te" by Giusy Ferreri.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  International Jury Qualifier
  Last place
Edition Artist Title Translation Place Points Semi Points
Uff Da 1st Canada Rykka "Movies" - 10 92 8 64
Utona 2nd Peru Ezio Oliva "El Calendario" The calendar 20 62 4 65
Séneca 3rd Ireland Walking On Cars "Catch Me If You Can" - 9 105 3 83
Shotländ 4th France Yann Charpentier "Sous Tes Mains" With your hands Failed to qualify 11 53
Hastwyn 5th Chile Consuelo Schuster "Por Qué Te Vas" Why do you leave? 15 70 6 76
Bartistan 6th Spain David Bustamante "Feliz" Happy 18 75 3 87
Southern Slavonia 7th France M. Pokora "On Danse" We dance 25 64 1 95
Uff Da 8th Mexico Anahí "Amnesia" - 12 87 3 96
Fire Island 9th Brazil Claudia Leitte ft. Daddy Yankee "Corazón" Sweetheart Failed to qualify 22 33
Arcorar 10th New Zealand Stan Walker ft. Ria Hall, Troy Kingi & Maisey Rika "Aotearoa" New Zealand Failed to qualify 12 54
Coco Islands 11th Italy Giusy Ferreri "Volevo te" I loved you 2 146 1 130
Niterus Kingdom 12th France Claudio Capeo "Ca va, ça va" What's up, what's up 19 76 Top 5 Previous Edition
Uff Da 13th Spain Álvaro Soler "Animal" - Failed to qualify 13 55
Cape Paral 14th China G.E.M. "Away" - 5 141 4 82
Southern Slavonia 15th United KingdomSerbia ArHai "Tudora" Todora 8 113 Top 5 Previous Edition
United Fulania 16th United States Noah Cyrus ft. XXXTENTACIÓN "Again" - Failed to qualify 11 51
Cooland 17th Belarus Maimuna "Queen of Africa" - 8 124 4 73
Bartistan 18th Bulgaria Zhana Bergendorff "Dokrai" Until the end Failed to qualify 11 48
The Kaju's 19th United States Paty Cantú "Rompo Contigo" I break with you Failed to qualify 9 54
Destiny 20th Estonia ELYSA "Silence the Sirens" - 16 107 6 71
Vaguelone Bay 21st Nigeria Yemi Alade ft. Sauti Sol "Africa" - Failed to qualify 14 25
Fire Island 22nd Russia Molly "Ya Prosto Lyublyu Tebya" I Just Love You 4 151 2 83
Uff Da 23rd Spain Blas Cantó "Él No Soy Yo" He Is Not Me 8 116 Top 5 Previous Edition
Esdonia 24th Lithuania Paula "How the Hell U Can Fight It?" - Failed to qualify 18 32
Phytopia 25th Chile Sergyo "Deep Down Running" - Failed to qualify 16 41

Limanian representatives gallery[edit | edit source]

Rykka in Gokk (YSC 1)  
Ezio Oliva in Ethanthova (YSC 2)  
Walking on Cars in Citras (YSC 3)  
Yann Charpentier in Sonta (YSC 4)  
Consuelo Schuster in Ostburn (YSC 5)  
David Bustamante in Matangi (YSC 6)  
M. Pokora in Bisernica (YSC 7)  
Anahí in Oi (YSC 8)  
Claudia Leitte in Pyro (YSC 9)  
Stan Walker in Arakhor (YSC 10)  
Giusy Ferreri in Coco City (YSC 11)  
Claudio Capeo in Selita (YSC 12)  
Alvaro Soler in Jorvik (YSC 13)  
G.E.M. in Naxalos (YSC 14)  
ArHai in Gajde (YSC 15)  

Voting history[edit | edit source]

As of 6th edition, Limania voting history is as follows:

Semi[edit | edit source]

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