Limnoupolitana in the Youro Song Contest

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National selection events Internal Selection
Appearances 18
First appearance YSC 12
Best result 14th: YSC 18
Worst result Last: YSC 13 (SF), YSC 14 (SF), YSC 21 (SF), YSC 24 (SF)
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Limnoupolitana made it's debut in the 12th edition of the Youro Song Contest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  International Jury Qualifier
  Last place

Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Niterus Kingdom 12th United States Suzi Oravec Better Without You Failed to qualify 20 10
Uff Da 13th Italy Ornella Nicolini Forte Piu Forte Failed to qualify 20 9
Cape Paral 14th Philippines Adventnote Still Failed to qualify 23 0
Southern Slavonia 15th Lithuania Monikita Sustabdyk Failed to qualify 15 68
United Fulania 16th United States MDSN Kerosene 22 77 4 69
Cooland 17th Czech Republic Barbora Zemanova Kde Jsou? Failed to qualify 13 25
Bartistan 18th Estonia ELYSA ft. JQ Famous 14 97 7 62
The Kaju's 19th Russia Arseniy Borodin Yesli ya Failed to qualify 12 39
Destiny 20th Lithuania Žygis ir Gabija Būki Šalia Failed to qualify 13 36
Vaguelone Bay 21st Angola Celma Ribas Diga Lá Failed to qualify 16 22
Fire Island 22nd Greece Vasiliki Ntanta Mazi Tis Failed to qualify 13 45
Uff Da 23rd Greece Matina Kiss & Tell 26 53 4 81
Esdonia 24th United States LUX It's Like Summer Failed to qualify 19 25
Phytopia 25th Greece KATIA Didn't Mean to Burn the House Failed to qualify 14 47
Fire IslandChibcha Republic 26th Ukraine THE HARDKISS Free Me 23 62 2 82
Saint-Milo 27th Lebanon Ostura Deathless Failed to qualify 15 36
Renaoland 28th United States Brian Nhira Til Death Do Us Part 27 14 5 68
Hastwyn 29th Greece Elena Tsagkrinou Paradeisos 8 89 3 71
Iozenia 30th Spain Karol Tristán Renacer

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