Macedonian Kingdom in the Youro Song Contest

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Macedonian Kingdom
National selection events Internal Selection
Appearances 13
First appearance YSC 11
Best result 5th: YSC 12
Worst result Last: YSC 13, YSC 20 (SF)
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Macedonian Kingdom made it's debut in the 11th edition of the Youro Song Contest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  International Jury Qualifier
  Last place
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Coco Islands 11th Belgium Hooverphonic Mad About You 24 51 10 50
Niterus Kingdom 12th United Kingdom Rag'N'Bone Skin 5 124 2 108
Uff Da 13th Macedonia Slatkaristika Tonight 27 21 Top 5 Previous Edition
Cape Paral 14th United Kingdom Rebecca Ferguson Bones Failed to qualify 12 54
Southern Slavonia 15th Macedonia Viktor Apostolovski Drugata Vo Tebe Failed to qualify 12 66
United Fulania 16th Macedonia Elena Risteska ft. Pancho DNK Kako Da Se Raduvam Failed to qualify 14 33
Cooland 17th United Kingdom Hurts Lights Failed to qualify 13 42
Bartistan 18th Argentina Lali Ego 19 85 3 75
The Kaju's 19th United Kingdom Sigma ft. Labrinth Higher 21 67 3 82
Destiny 20th United States NIIA Nobody Failed to qualify 16 19
Did not participate in the 21st edition
Fire Island 22nd United States Nick Jonas Voodoo Failed to qualify 9 48
Uff Da 23rd United States Welshly Arms Legendary Failed to qualify 13 45
Esdonia 24th None

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