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yourosongcontest - Welcome![edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Youro Song Contest Wiki!
This wiki is the home to the online song contest - feel free to contribute!
So far, we have 422 articles and 400 files.
Deadline to vote in the semi finals of Youro Song Contest 19 is 14 January @ 22:00 CET Please remember to read the rules of the contest.

Youro Song Contest
Uff Da 1stUtona 2ndSéneca 3rdShotländ 4thHastwyn 5thBartistan 6thSouthern Slavonia 7thUff Da 8thFire Island 9thArcorar 10thCoco Islands 11thNiterus Kingdom 12thUff Da 13thCape Paral 14thSouthern Slavonia 15thUnited Fulania 16thCooland 17thBartistan 18thThe Kaju's 19thDestiny 20thVaguelone Bay 21stNone 22nd
Youro Theme Contest
Lazanistan 1stAsgardia 2ndAsgardia 3rdEsdonia 4thCampre 5thArcorar 6thOrange Island 7thAsgardia 8thTeardrop Islands 9th
Junior Youro Song Contest
Lazanistan 1stUff Da 2ndGraustark 3rdMistralton 4thJulbrendsen Isles 5th
Other Contests