Rockland in the Youro Song Contest

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Member station CPTV
National selection events Internal Selection
Appearances 17
First appearance YSC 13
Best result 7th: YSC 16
Worst result 20th: YSC 14 (SF)
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Rockland made it's debut in the 13th edition of the Youro Song Contest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  International Jury Qualifier
  Last place
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Uff Da 13th United States Blink-182 Wildfire Failed to qualify 12 57
Cape Paral 14th United States Angels & Airwaves Hallucinations Failed to qualify 20 28
Southern Slavonia 15th United States All Time Low Kids In The Dark 10 108 7 76
United Fulania 16th United States Skillet Hero 7 124 1 99
Cooland 17th United States The Chainsmokers Young 26 69 15 39
Bartistan 18th United States Greenday Still Breathing Failed to qualify 9 50
The Kaju's 19th New Zealand Written By Wolves Timebombs & Hurricanes 11 117 5 67
Destiny 20th United States The Animal In Me I Created a Monster Failed to qualify 11 59
Vaguelone Bay 21st Latvia Refleksija Paslēpes Failed to qualify 13 46
Fire Island 22nd Japan ONE OK ROCK We Are 21 79 6 70
Uff Da 23rd United States Godsmack When Legends Rise 17 89 6 77
Esdonia 24th United States American Bang Wild and Young Failed to qualify 15 42
Phytopia 25th United States Halestorm Mayhem Failed to qualify 17 41
Fire IslandChibcha Republic 26th Australia Airbourne It's All for Rock N' Roll Failed to qualify 11 48
Saint-Milo 27th New Zealand CITY OF SOULS LONG GONE Failed to qualify 14 45
Renaoland 28th United States The Animal in Me Overwhelmed 19 56 7 66
Hastwyn 29th Denmark Volbeat Fallen Failed to qualify 17 28
Iozenia 30th United States The Score Unstoppable 21 63 5 75
Eestikaz Republic 31st Lithuania Leon Somov & Kaia & Justinas Jarutis Talk to Me

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