Sotora in the Youro Song Contest

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Member station Sotorian Radio-Television Station (SRTS)
National selection events Internal Selection
Appearances 15
First appearance YSC 15
Best result 3rd: YSC 21
Worst result 16th: YSC 26 (SF)
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Sotora made its debut in the 15th edition of the Youro Song Contest.

SRTS will maybe organize a national selection in the future called: Talè ejé Sotora (A song for Sotora)

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  International Jury Qualifier
  Last place
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Southern Slavonia 15th Hungary Péter Szabó Szilvia Egyszer még Failed to qualify 13 63
United Fulania 16th United Kingdom Cathy Dennis Just Another Dream 15 42
Cooland 17th United Kingdom Mini Viva Left My Heart In Tokyo 15 21
Bartistan 18th Hungary Pápai Joci Özönvíz 7 124 2 84
The Kaju's 19th Norway Elsa & Emilie Endless Optimism 20 67 6 66
Destiny 20th United Kingdom Dido End of Night Failed to qualify 9 57
Vaguelone Bay 21th Germany Story Of Dakota Feuer 3 142 4 73
Fire Island 22nd Germany Faun Federkleid 14 106 Top 3 Previous Edition
Uff Da 23rd Spain Pablo Alborán No Vaya A Ser Failed to qualify 14 46
Esdonia 24th France Léa Castel Amazone Failed to qualify 11 51
Phytopia 25th Germany Faun Wilde Rose 19 59 10 60
Fire IslandChibcha Republic 26th Finland Nightwish The Islander Failed to qualify 16 34
Saint-Milo 27th France Luc Arbogast Vox Clamantis 12 90 10 57
Renaoland 28th France Nolwenn Leroy Juste Pour Me Souvenir 8 102 11 49
Hastwyn 29th Ukraine Ruslana It's Magical 12 76 5 64
Iozenia 30th Kazakhstan Saya Mahambet Kazagymsin

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