Unedig Cymru in the Youro Song Contest

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Unedig Cymru
Member station


Infinity Broadcasting Group
National selection events Can I Unedig Gymru
Appearances 10
First appearance YSC 12
Best result 12th: YSC 14
Worst result Last: YSC 17 (SF),YSC 19 (SF),YSC 20 (SF)
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Unedig Cymru Began Participating in the Youro Song Contest since the 12th Edition the 13th Contest will will mark their second appearance at the Contest by holding a National Selection to choose their second entry.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  International Jury Qualifier
  Last place
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Niterus Kingdom 12th Wales Casi Lion Failed to qualify 16 43
Uff Da 13th United Kingdom Leah McFall Bottle It Failed to qualify 18 35
Cape Paral 14th Norway Margaret Berger Human Race 12 116 10 64
Southern Slavonia 15th United States Zolita Fight Like A Girl Failed to qualify 12 78
United Fulania 16th United Kingdom Mollie King Hair Down Failed to qualify 13 42
Cooland 17th United Kingdom Nadine Coyle Go to Work Failed to qualify 15 0
Bartistan 18th New Zealand Kimbra Top of the World Failed to qualify 10 55
The Kaju's 19th Russia Serebro My Money Failed to qualify 16 0
Destiny 20th Russia Serebro V Kosmose Failed to qualify 17 0
Did not participate between the 21st and the 28th edition
Hastwyn 29th Sweden Dotter Heatwave Failed to qualify 14 45
Iozenia 30th United Kingdom Little Mix More Than Words 23 60 6 71
Eestikaz Republic 31st United Kingdom Sugababes Freedom

Selection Process[edit | edit source]

The First entry of Unedig Cymru saw the National Broadcaster IBG select Internally choosing Casi - Lions for the next Contest the Broadcaster has shown interest in holding a National final they are interested in hosting the Final in The Echo Arena in the Unedig Cymru Capital Cascadia Prime

Winners of Can I Unedig Cymru[edit | edit source]

Leah Mcfall the Entrant for Unedig Cymru in Youro Song Contest 13

The First Edition was won by Leah Mcfall who went to participate in YSC 13 giving Unedig Cymru 18th Place in the Semi Finals

Edition Artist Song Language
Can I Unedig Cymru 1 Leah McFall Bottle It English
Can I Unedig Cymru 2 English