Xenxusia in the Youro Song Contest

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Member station X-Coast Media
National selection events Internal Selection
Appearances 9
First appearance YSC 1
Last appearance YSC 9
Best result 12th: YSC 4
Worst result Last: YSC 6 (SF)
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Xenxusia made their debut in the 1st edition of the Youro Song Contest held in Gokk, Uff Da.

Youro Song Contest #1[edit | edit source]

During the first internal selection of the broadcaster X-Coast Media the German Electronic-Rock Band Jovian Spin was choosen to represent Xenxusia with their single Faces at the first edition of the Youro Song Contest in Uff Da. With 44 dedicated points at the first semi final the entry reached postion 12 in the ranking and did not qualify for the final. 12 points were given by Blefuscu.

Youro Song Contest #2[edit | edit source]

To represent Xenxusia as the second entry X-Coast Media sent Swedish singer Mary N'Diaye to Utona, the host of the second edition of the Youro Song Contest. She performed Dreamer as fifth act in the first semi final and passed to the final as winner of the IJ voting of the international jury. There Mary N'Diaye received 12 points from Séneca, Vijamar and Southern Slavonia.

In the final that took place September 5th, Xenxusia reached place 14 with 75 points in total.

Youro Song Contest #3[edit | edit source]

The first ballad sent from Xenxusia is called City Lights. The name of the artist is Ashley Hicklin, a singer songwriter who is coming from the UK, but resides in Germany. Youro Song Contest #3 was held in Citras, the capital city of Séneca.

A mistake during the voting in semi final 2 lead to the fact that Xenxusia was officially qualified for the final without reaching enough needed points. Anyways, in the third edition of Youro Song Contest Ashley Hicklin ended up on position 25 in the ranking.

Youro Song Contest #4[edit | edit source]

At the 3rd October X-Coast Media announced that the German DJ-duo Bodybangers will represent Xenxusia at the Youro Song Contest #4 with their track Go. The vocals of the song are sung by German-Romanian singer Linda Teodosiu who rose to fame in 2008 as contestant of the German Idol version.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Uff Da 1st Germany Jovian Spin "Faces" Failed to qualify 12 44
Utona 2nd Sweden Mary N'Diaye "Big Dreamer" 14 75 11 47
Séneca 3rd England Ashley Hicklin City Lights 25 45 12 51
Shotländ 4th GermanyBodybangers ft. Linda Teodosiu Go 12 86 10 60
Hastwyn 5th Israel Ilan Peled Denis Denis Failed to qualify 13 40
Bartistan 6th United States New District Ain't Got Money Failed to qualify 16 22
Southern Slavonia 7th Germany Madeline Juno Stupid Girl Failed to qualify 11 55
Uff Da 8th Spain Anael Glow 24 64 11 65
Fire Island 9th Germany BILLY Not Over You Failed to qualify 20 36

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