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Youro Song Contest
Official logo of Youro Song Contest since 29th edition
Genre Song Contest
Created by Youro Broadcasting Union
Country of origin List of countries
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 20
Location(s) Youro
Running time 2 hours
Production company(s) Youro Broadcasting Union
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original run July 2016 – present
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The Youro Song Contest is a monthly singing competition held among many of the active member countries of the Youro Broadcasting Union (YBU). Each member country submits a song to be performed on live television and radio and then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. The contest has been broadcast every edition since its inauguration in 2016.

The rules of this contest can be found here

History[edit | edit source]

The concept of the contest is based on the traditional contest, Eurovision Song Contest. However, the countries competing in this contest are imaginary countries made up by the players themselves.

YSC 1 to YSC 5[edit | edit source]

The first ever edition took place in Gokk, the capital city of Uff Da. Thirty-five countries made their debut in the contest, and seventeen countries participated in each semi final where 10 of them qualified to the final. Twenty-one countries took part in the very first final of Youro Song Contest which was won by Utona. They won with the song Couldn't Believe performed by Broods, the song achieved a total of 154 points, only 2 more than the runner-up which was the song from Calf Tides.

Due to their victory in YSC 1, Utona was selected to host the YSC 2 and the contest was hosted in Ethanthova. The contest was won by Séneca with the song Running With The Wolves performed by Aurora, and it achieved a total of 149 points, only 11 more than the runner-up from Destiny. This was the first time Séneca had won the contest.

The contest's popularity grew dramatically after the second edition, as 45 countries in Youro applied to join the third edition which was held in Citras, Séneca due to their victory in the second edition. Due to some technical difficulties during the counting of the votes, the host country announced that Sakamichiland and Xenxusia were among the 10 qualifiers, but it was later discovered by the YBU that Auryville and North Fulania (later known as United Fulania) were supposed to qualify instead. The third edition was won by Shotländ with the song Lost On You performed by LP. Phytopia and Dead Island finished 2nd and 3rd respectively which remains as their best results in the contest as of December 2017.

The third edition also saw the introduction of pots, and the participating countries were split into five pots based on their overall performance at previous editions of the contest. They were introduced in order to improve the semi final allocation draw and to make sure that successful and flop countries were split equally.

Once again the interest in the contest was quite high during the fourth edition with a total of 46 countries interested in competing. The contest was hosted in Sonta, Shotländ due to their victory in the previous edition, and the contest was won by Hastwyn who beat The Kaju's in the final with a margin of 1 point, which is the smallest winning margin in Youro Song Contest to date. The same thing happened in seventeenth edition when Bartistan beat Southern Slavonia by 1 point. In this edition, Dua Lipa and INNA became the first artists to have been competing in the contest at least two times, previously competing in the second edition for Hastwyn and Homodouple respectively.

The fifth edition was held in Ostburn, Hastwyn and featured 41 countries. The contest was won by Bartistan with the song Elysium performed by Mahan Moin. The winning song achieved a total of 173 points in the final. The top 5 was completed by United Fulania, Uff Da, Destiny and Cooland respectively.

YSC 6 to YSC 10[edit | edit source]

The number of participants kept decreasing, and it had now decreased to only 38 participating countries in the sixth edition. However despite the low amount of countries, Matangi, Bartistan managed to host a very successful edition. The contest was won by Southern Slavonia with the song Joy performed by Kállay Saunders Band, and the song won with a score of 157 points, only 6 more than the runner-up from Séneca.

For the seventh edition there was a massive increase in participating countries as it featured 50 countries making biggest editions in the contest's history at that time. The contest was hosted in Bisernica in Southern Slavonia and was won by Uff Da who was the host country of the first edition. The winning song was Fighting For Love and it was performed by Dami Im. They won the contest with a record breaking score of 230 points, and the biggest winning margin to date, 78 points. To date, this remains as the highest score of a winning entry. During the 1 year celebration of Youro Song Contest, Fighting For Love was awarded the the title Best Entry and Best Winner.

After earning the rights to host the eight edition, Uff Da became the first country to have hosted the contest two times. The contest was hosted in the city of Oi and featured a total of 46 countries. The contest was won by Fire Island with their entry Requiem performed by Alma. The winning caused some drama in Youro as it turned out that the song was selected to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. According to the rules of Youro Song Contest, songs that will or have competed in Eurovision Song Contest are not allowed to compete in Youro Song Contest. However, Fire Island submitted the entry before Alma was announced to be competing in Eurovision. Therefore the song did not break any of the rules of Youro Song Contest and was allowed to compete. Alma won the contest with a 217 points making Fire Island the second country to achieve a winning score over 200 points.

The ninth edition took place in Pyro, Fire Island. In this edition we had 50 countries competing and it was won by Arcorar with the song Snijeg by Nina Kraljić with 153 points. The runner-up was once again United Fulania who also was the runner-up in the 5th and 7th edition.

In order to celebrate 10 editions of Youro Song Contest, the YBU asked the members if they wanted to arrange a special edition. The response by the broadcasters was quite split, however, the majority was in favor of arranging a bit different edition than the usual ones. The theme was decided by an online poll where all members of the YBU could vote. The selected theme was "Non-English Songs" but to make it a bit more challenging the YBU decided to "ban" certain languages. The contest was won by the Coco Islands with the song Placat i Najsilni performed by Magdalena Ena.

The broadcaster from Séneca was not happy with the decisions made by the YBU and tried to make several countries boycott the contest and withdrew from the contest. Séneca also announced that they will not compete in the 10th edition. They gave the following statement:

Among which are included the organizing committee's lack of impartiality and objectiveness, preference or conspiracy against certain countries, fake-account usage and conscious draw manipulation in some of the former editions. Séneca TV considered that the organizing committee is acting in an impartial way due to expressing preference or annoyance at the participation of some of the entries. Such committee must maintain the impartiality and seriousness required for organizing the contest in the best possible way. The broadcaster exemplified with some of the accusations written by the organizing committee in which some of the entries are accused of being [sic] "unspired", expressly showing the personal opinion of the organizers. For these various reasons, rating levels have decreased over the time in Séneca causing the country's withdrawal from the contest. The broadcaster lamented all these difficulties and wished the best of luck to all of the participant countries in the contest, hoping the return of the initial spirit of Youro.

Inspired by the broadcaster from Séneca the Hispanvs Terra National Broadcasting Company; HTNRTVO, canceled it's YBU membership and joined Séneca, Calf Tides and Graustark in their attempt to boycott the contest. Graustark, however, went on to return in the 14th edition, while Calf Tides and Séneca never showed interest in returning to the contest. Despite some countries trying to boycott the contest, the edition featured a total of 50 countries. The boycott's aim was to weaken the contest, but it only made it stronger and the countries of Youro showed strong unity and made the 10th edition a big success.

The tenth edition also saw the introduction of the Youro Council. The council consists 5-7 members who discuss if the selected songs are valid for the contest. If a song is considered non-valid by any member, a council then democratically votes and therefore decides if a country should change the song.

YSC 11 to YSC 15[edit | edit source]

The eleventh edition was hosted in Coco Islands for the first time ever, and 42 countries decided to compete. This edition also saw the first ever ban of a country to compete in the contest. Llama Republic was banned from competing due to failing to vote in the final too many times and disagreement between the broadcaster and the YBU. The contest was won Niterus Kingdom, and they won with the talented singer Alice Merton who performed her song No Roots.

The twelfth edition was hosted in Selita which is the biggest city in Niterus Kingdom and featured 50 countries. Once again Uff Da won the contest, making them the first country to win the contest two times. They won with the song What You Do performed by Margaret. The runner-up was the song from Phoenix Bay, which was saved by the International Jury, which means this was the first time that an International Jury qualifier managed to almost win the contest.

After their successful win, Uff Da went on to host the thirteenth edition, making them the first country to host the contest three times. 46 countries competed and the contest was won by Cape Paral with the song Haide performed by Helena Paparizou. The song achieved a total of 211 points, 47 more points than the runner up from Fire Island. Cape Paral became the first country since Utona to win the contest on it's debut.

Cape Paral went on to host the fourteenth edition in the city of Naxalos and a record breaking total of 53 countries competed in this edition. The contest was won by Southern Slavonia and the winning song was Indomable performed by Lorena Goméz. This was the 2nd time that Southern Slavonia had won the contest, which means they became the 2nd country to win the contest twice. Taurunia and Josem finished 2nd and 3rd respectively with only 2 and 4 points behind the winner, making it one of the most exciting voting sequence in the the contest's history. The top 5 was completed by Uff Da and Limania. A record breaking of 7 countries failed to submit their votes in the final, of which one of them was the host country Cape Paral, making it the first time in the contest's history that a host country failed to vote.

Southern Slavonia became the second country to host the contest more than once, and Gajda was selected as the host city of the fifteenth edition. This edition featured the highest amount of participating countries to date, 55 countries. This resulted in format change where a third semi final was introduced. This was also the first edition to not future the International Jury, but all countries were allowed to vote in each semi final and all of their votes would count equally. The broadcaster from Phytopia was therefor protesting against the lack of jury as their song would've qualified if the jury would decide one of the qualifiers. This resulted in the return of the international juries in the sixteenth edition.

The contest was won by United Fulania and the winning song was Wanted performed by Ben Hazlewood. After finishing 2nd three times, United Fulania finally won the contest for the first time. Platonia and Renaoland finished 2nd and 3rd respectively and they were therefor directly qualified to the final of the 16th edition which was set to take place in United Fulania. A total of 6 countries failed to submit their votes in the final which means they were not able to compete in United Fulania.

YSC 16 to 20[edit | edit source]

The sixteenth edition was held in United Fulania for the first time ever and featured 51 countries. As part of the 1 year celebration of Youro Song Contest, all broadcasters were invited to compete in an exam event where they had to answer questions about the contest and countries competing. Phytopia managed to achieve the highest score and was therefore granted a wildcard. This wildcard could've been used in order to skip the semi final and reach the final automatically. The Phytopian broadcaster declined to use this advantage so it was passed over to Julbrendsen Isles which decided to use it for this edition, and therefor they became a 4th automatic finalist.

The contest was won by Cooland and the winning song was Hurts So Good performed by Astrid S which was the country's first victory in the contest. Musiclandia and Fire Island finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

For the first time ever, the participating countries have been split into seven pots based on their voting similarity at previous editions of the contest. The voting similarity and pots are calculated by the URTV (Radio & TV Uvolf) and YBU. The amount of automatically finalists also was decreased from 5 to 3 countries.

Cooland went on to host the seventeenth edition which also featured 51 countries. The contest was won by Bartistan and the winning song was " Moya Lyubov' " performed by Max Barskih which was the country's second victory in the contest making Bartistan the third country to win the contest two times. Southern Slavonia and Phytopia finished 2nd and 3rd respectively and they became directly qualified to the final of the 18th edition which was set to take place in Bartistan once again.

The eighteenth edition took place in Matangi, Bartistan. This was the first time that a city hosted the contest more than once, and also the third time that a country hosted the contest more than once. The contest was won by The Kaju's with the song My Indigo performed by My Indigo. They achieved a total of 210 points, making it one of the most successful winners, and the fifth winner to achieve a score of more than 200 points receiving 51 more points than the runner-up from Auryville. The top 3 was completed by Vaguelone Bay who managed to achieve a top 10 placing for the first time since the first edition when they came 11th after losing tie break against Limania.

Format[edit | edit source]

The contest will consist of a grand final, and in the case where there are more participants than can reasonably compete in one show, semi-finals will be introduced. The winning country will host the next edition and therefore be pre-qualified to the final as the hosts. In those cases where a country decline to host the contest, they can become pre-qualified as the winning country along with the host of that respective edition.

A maximum of 57 countries can compete in the contest in the various contests. The amount of participating countries decide whether there will be a semi-final or not, and how many semi-finals, qualifiers and automatic finalists there will be.

Participants Semi-Finals Max countries Qualifiers Automatic Finalists
Less than 28 No semi-final 27 - All countries will be in the final
≥ 28-37 1 semi-final 27
  • < 20 semi-finalists: The top 9 + IJ favorite will qualify (20 finalists)
  • ≥ 20 semi-finalists: The top 12 + IJ favourite will qualify (23 finalists)
Top 10 from the previous edition
≥ 38-47 2 semifinals 22
  • The top 10 + IJ favourite will qualify (25 finalists).
Top 5 from the previous edition
≤ 48-57 3 semifinals 18
  • The top 7 + IJ favorite will qualify from each semi-final. 27(finalists)
Top 3 from the previous edition

Participants[edit | edit source]

Edition Country that debuted
1st  Aldmeri Dominion,  Arcorar,  Bartistan,  Blefuscu , Calf Tides,  Chanpenia and Lothringe,  Dead Island,  Destiny,  Fire Island, Folklandia,  Glasgowia,  Hexius,  Homodouple,  Kashykia,  Laranjeiras,  Limania,  Mexerica,  Northern Slavonia,  Platonia, Phoenix Bay,  Phytopia,  Sakamichiland,  Schneidsen-Dresselstein, Séneca,  Shotländ,  Southern Slavonia,  Taurunia,  The Kaju's,  Uff Da,  Utona, Vaguelone Bay,  Vijamar, Xenxusia,  Zänä
2nd  Asgardia,  Feurison,  Hispanvs Terra,  Saint-Milo,  Vallésta,  Venusia
3rd  Auryville,  Bazankaiya,  Cambria,  Krakozhia,  Niterus Kingdom,  North Fulania,  Orange Island,  Vegeta,
4th  Putistán,  Kharkov,  Mba
5th  Cooland,  Graustark
6th  Hellheim
7th  Aevyntiria ,  Alvinia ,  Campre ,  Coco Islands ,  Julbrendsen Isles ,  Kalipolis ,  Krakøv,  Lazanistan ,  Mistralton ,  Sunville Republic
8th  Teardrop Islands
9th  Medenia,  South Keipoppia,  Tilobe,  Volbaria
10th  Cowland,  Gleylia
11th  Chakaria,  Dukestan,  Elliria,  Macedonian Kingdom
12th  Afrikan,  Gmalazia,  Gypsiland, ,  Josem,  Presivea Republic,  Raynela,  Red Sea Islands,  Unedig Cymru
13th  Cape Paral,  Rockland,  Thunderland
14th  Golden Eagle,  Terland
15th  Chibcha Republic,  Edria,  Renaoland,  Sotora,  Uvolf,  Vivland
16th No debuting countries
17th  Dacla,  Jeokoch
18th No debuting countries
19th  Vovaltik
20th  Riikvania
21st  Koxeweij,  Nightingale
22nd  Mărium,  Mientjeland
23rd  Ikana,  Sarque
24th No debuting countries
25th  Blendison
26th  Ddinas-Y-Cathod Bach Ddrwg,  Iozenia,  Sithonia,  Trolska
27th  Caraaya, Jelena
28th No debuting countries
29th  DPR Bleds,  Paradise
30th  Beyondia-Beliefia,  BlizzardWorld,  Eestikaz Republic,  Ereban Republic,  Eurovision Republic,  Solya,  Sudeckarm

Hosting[edit | edit source]

Slogans[edit | edit source]

Since the first edition, slogans (or themes) have been introduced in the show. The slogan is decided by the host broadcaster and based on the slogan, the theme and the visual design are developed.

  • The 5th, 7th edition had no slogan
Edition Host city Slogan
1st Uff Da Gokk "Start Of Something New"
2nd Utona Ethanthova "Moo"
3rd Séneca Citras "Running with the wolves"
4th Shotländ Sonta "Music United"
6th Bartistan Matangi "Chasing The Dreams"
8th Uff Da Oi "Fighting For Music"
9th Fire Island Pyro "Music, We Gonna Let It Burn"
10th Arcorar Arakhor "Discover Languages"
11th Coco Islands Coco City "Let's Do It Right"
12th Niterus Kingdom Selita "Celebrate Uniqueness"
13th Uff Da Jorvik "Cool Me Down"
14th Cape Paral Naxalos "Sound of Change"
15th Southern Slavonia Gajde "Hear It, See It, Live It"
16th United Fulania Paramont "Music Makes Us Stronger"
17th Cooland Icegrad "Be Cool"
18th Bartistan Matangi "My Love - My Music"
19th The Kaju's Gojira "United in Harmony"
20th Destiny Snæborg "Flawless Music Extravaganza"
21st Vaguelone Bay Carmin-Sur-Mer "The Sun Is Dancing on the Sea"
22nd Fire Island Nitro "Set Your Heart On Fire"
23rd Uff Da Huttiheita "#Dance"
24th Esdonia Entingen "Strong as a Lion"
25th Phytopia Electric Forest "To the Listening Heaven"
26th Fire Island Gasoline

Chibcha Republic El Dorado

"It Takes Both Sides to Build a Bridge"
27th Saint-Milo Istres D'jyaxhilam "On Est Tous Ensemble!"
28th Renaoland Sæjendrum "Seize the day - Грибы þa даг"
29th Hastwyn Veritas "Live In The Moment"
30th Iozenia Ramsż "Be The One You Want To Be"

Winners[edit | edit source]

Edition Country Artist (s) Song Points Margin Runner-up Date Host city Part.
1st  Utona Broods Couldn't Believe 154 2  Calf Tides 4th August 2016 Uff Da Gokk 35
2nd  Séneca AURORA Running With The Wolves 149 11  Destiny 5th September 2016 Utona Ethanthova 38
3rd  Shotländ LP Lost On You 148 12  Phytopia 3rd October 2016 Séneca Citras 45
4th  Hastwyn Ruth B Lost Boy 145 1  The Kaju's 31st October 2016 Shotländ Sonta 46
5th  Bartistan Mahan Moin Elysium 173 40  United Fulania November 2016 Hastwyn Ostburn 41
6th  Southern Slavonia Kállay Saunders Band Joy 157 6  Séneca 29 December 2016 Bartistan Matangi 38
7th  Uff Da Dami Im Fighting For Love 230 78  United Fulania 28 January 2017 Southern Slavonia Bisernica 50
8th  Fire Island Alma Requium 217 51  Kalipolis 28 February 2017 Uff Da Oi 46
9th  Arcorar Nina Kraljić Snijeg 153 3  United Fulania 29 March2017 Fire Island Pyro 50
10th  Coco Islands Magdalena Ena Placat i Najsilni 190 43  Bartistan 29 April 2017 Arcorar Arakhor 50
11th  Niterus Kingdom Alice Merton No Roots 166 20  Limania 29 May 2017 Coco Islands Coco City 42
12th  Uff Da Margaret What You Do 177 28  Phoenix Bay 28 June 2017 Niterus Kingdom Selita 50
13th  Cape Paral Helena Paparizou Haide 211 47  Fire Island 27 July 2017 Uff Da Jorvik 46
14th  Southern Slavonia Lorena Goméz Indomable 166 2  Taurunia 27 August 2017 Cape Paral Naxalos 53
15th  United Fulania Ben Hazlewood Wanted 227 29  Platonia 25 September 2017 Southern Slavonia Gajde 55
16th  Cooland Astrid S Hurts So Good 177 17  Musiclandia 26 October 2017 United Fulania Paramont 51
17th  Bartistan Max Barskih Moya Lyubov' 175 1  Southern Slavonia 25 November 2017 Cooland Icegrad 51
18th  The Kaju's My Indigo My Indigo 210 51  Auryville 28 December 2017 Bartistan Matangi 50
19th  Destiny Sigrid Strangers 207 47  Kashykia 27 January 2018 The Kaju's Gojira 49
20th  Vaguelone Bay Léa Paci Pour Aller Où? 181 16  Kosma 28 February 2018 Destiny Snæborg 53
21st  Fire Island Mimoza Big Girls Cry 154 10  Julbrendsen Isles 31 March 2018 Vaguelone Bay Carmin-Sur-Mer 51
22nd  Uff Da Alvaro Soler La Cintura 199 23  Volbaria 30 April 2018 Fire Island Nitro 52
23rd  Esdonia CHVRCHES Miracle 147 4  Elliria 31 May 2018 Uff Da Huttiheita 47
24th  Phytopia Red Gone 155 1  The Kaju's 30 June 2018 Esdonia Entingen 44
25th  Fire Island Wincent Weiss An Wunder 154 0  Chibcha Republic 31 July 2018 Phytopia Electric Forest 45
26th  Saint-Milo Elena Gheorghe feat. Danny Mazo Señor Loco 144 7  Elliria 1 September 2018 Fire Island Gasoline
Chibcha Republic El Dorado
27th  Renaoland Smith & Thell feat. Swedish Jam Factory Forgive Me Friend 173 25  Riikvania 29 September 2018 Saint-Milo Istres D'jyaxhilam 46
28th  Hastwyn Avril Lavigne Head Above Water 169 8  The Kaju's 31 October 2018 Renaoland Sæjendrum 41
29th  Iozenia Panic! At The Disco High Hopes 163 23  Teardrop Islands 30 November 2018 Hastwyn Veritas 39
30th 27 December 2018 Iozenia Ramsż 42

By country[edit | edit source]

By language[edit | edit source]

Wins Language Editions Countries
19 English 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th,11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th Utona, Séneca, Shotländ , Hastwyn, Bartistan, Southern Slavonia, Uff Da, Niterus Kingdom, United Fulania, Cooland,The Kaju's,Destiny,Fire Island,Phytopia, Saint-Milo, Renaoland, Iozenia
2 French 8th, 20th Fire Island, Vaguelone Bay
Spanish 14th, 22nd Southern Slavonia, Uff Da
1 Croatian 9th Arcorar
German 25th Fire Island
Greek 13th Cape Paral
Macedonian 10th Coco Islands
Russian 17th Bartistan

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