Youro Song Contest 24

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Youro Song Contest 24
Semi-final date June 2018
Final date June 2018
Host city None TBA, TBA
Venue TBA
Host broadcaster None TBA
Number of entries 40 (to date)
Returning   Bartistan
Withdrawing   Edria
 United Fulania
Voting system 10 favourites are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points by all participants.
Youro Song Contest
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The Youro Song Contest 24 will be the twenty-fourth edition of the Youro Song Contest and will most likely be hosted in the winning country of the 23rd edition.

Hosting Information[edit | edit source]

The winning country of YSC 22 will be granted the opportunity to host this edition. After the results of YSC, the YBU and the winning broadcaster sit down and discuss the hosting of the upcoming edition. If the winner declines to host the contest, the chance will be given to the runner-up.

Format[edit | edit source]

  • All competing countries submit an entry chosen either internally by the broadcaster or through a national selection. The entry has to follow the rules given by the YBU. The council have the right to decline the entry if they feel that the entry chosen do not fulfil the rules of the contest.
  • An entry can not have been competing in a previous edition of YSC or YTC. (click on the links to see the former entries)
  • The contest will consist of a grand final, and in the case when there are more participants than can reasonably compete in one show, semi-finals will be introduced. The winning country will host the next edition and therefore be pre-qualified to the final as the hosts. In those cases where a country decline to host the contest, they can become pre-qualified as the winning country along with the host of that respective edition.
  • The number of competing countries will decide the number of semi-finals, automatic finalists and qualifiers from each semi-final according to the rules of the contest.
  • There are no limits to how many times an artist can participate in the contest. But there are limitations when it comes to how often an artist can participate in the contest.
    • If an artist has participated once, it must wait at least 2 rounds before it can return to the competition. This means that if the artist participated in YSC 22 or later it cannot participate in this edition.
    • If an artist has participated more than once, it must wait at least 4 rounds before it can return to the competition. This means that if the artist participated in YSC 20 or later, it cannot participate before in YSC 25.

Youro Council[edit | edit source]

Country Role
 Arcorar Supervisors
 Uff Da
 Alvinia Council Member

Youro Council is a novelty in Youro Song Contest since the 10th edition. It consists of 7 members and their job is to make sure that all submitted entries to the contest follow the rules set by the YBU. If an entry is considered non-valid by any member, then the council will democratically vote and therefore decide if a country should change their entry.

The council consist of the two supervisors and the four council members. The council members are members elected by the YBU and since YSC 17, they have a permanent seat on the council. As of YSC 22, Dacla joined the council as a permanent member.

Semi-final allocation draw[edit | edit source]

The participating countries have been split into seven pots based on their voting similarity at previous editions of the contest. The voting similarity and pots are calculated by the URTV (Radio & TV Uvolf) and YBU.

The following pots are updated after the 20th edition:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6 Pot N

Voting[edit | edit source]

  • All competing countries are obliged to vote in their own semi-final. Failing to do so will result in a disqualification of the entry and risk to lose their spot in the final. The finalists have to vote in at least one semi-final determined by the YBU.
  • Countries are allowed to vote in the semi-finals they are not competing in, but then as a part of the International Jury. The highest ranked not-qualifying country (a country that would not qualify in the regular voting) in the IJ-voting will qualify.
  • All competing countries are obliged to vote in the final.
  • Failing to vote in the semi-final or the final will result in a strike. The amount of strikes determine the punishment given by the YBU. Strikes received in the semi-final will be deleted if the country votes in the final.

Returning Artists[edit | edit source]

The following artists are returning to the contest after previously competed in one of the earlier editions:

Artist Country Previous edition The previous country represented Previous result
Brendan Peyper  Uff Da YSC 8  Mba 7th
Claudio Capéo  Southern Slavonia YSC 12  Limania 19th
Dan Balan (With Matteo)  Folklandia YSC 21  Arcorar Last (DNV)
Emma Blackery  Renaoland YSC 20  Renaoland 9th (SF)
Severina  Mărium YSC 12  Southern Slavonia 6th
TAL  Bartistan YSC 9  Destiny 4th

Provisional list of participating countries[edit | edit source]

  • The following countries have confirmed participation in the upcoming edition:

You can submit your entries by either using the song submission form or by adding it yourself to this spreadsheet

Country Artist Song Language
 Alvinia K3 Jij Bent De Bom Dutch
 Auryville Miriam Rodríguez Hay Algo en Mí Spanish
 Bartistan TAL Mondial French, English
 Coco Islands
 Cowland Franja Du Plessis Ek Kan Nie Ophou Kyk Afrikaans
 Elliria Axel Johansson The River English
 Fire Island
 Folklandia Dan Balan & Mateo Alegro Ventigo Spanish
 Hastwyn Jess Glynne I'll Be There English
 Hellheim SunStroke Project Sun Gets Down English
 Julbrendsen Isles Esther Vallee Hardcore English
 Kashykia MIRA Uit De Tine Romanian
 Koxeweij Sofi Tukker Batshit English
 Macedonian Kingdom
 Mărium Severina Hurem Croatian
 Musiclandia Softengine The Sirens English
 Presivea Republic SF9 O Sole Mio Korean
 Renaoland Emma Blackery Dirt English
 Sotora Léa Castel Amazone French
 Southern Slavonia Claudio Capéo Dis-le moi French
 Teardrop Islands Abra Roses English
 The Kaju's Celine Dion Ashes English
 Uff Da Brendan Peyper Klim Jou Everest Afrikaans
 Utona Molly Kate Kestner Not Over You English
 Vovaltik Ewa Farna Na Ostří Nože Czech

Other countries[edit | edit source]

Eligibility for potential participation in the Youro Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with active YBU membership that would be able to broadcast the contest. The YBU will issue an invitation of participation in the contest to all active members. The following countries that competed in the 23rd edition gave the following statements regarding their participation in this edition:

Maybe[edit | edit source]

The following countries participated in YSC 23, but they are not sure if they will compete in this edition as well.

Withdrawing countries[edit | edit source]

  •  Edria announced during the semi-finals of YSC 23 that they do not intend to compete in this edition.
  •  United Fulania announced during the semi-finals of YSC 23 that they do not intend to compete in this edition. Sources claim that they withdrew from the contest after failing to qualify in YSC 22 and YSC 23.

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