Youro Theme Contest 12

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Youro Theme Contest 12
Time Travel
Semi-final date June 2018
Final date July 2018
Host city Uff Da Gokk, Uff Da
Host broadcaster Uff Da Uff Da Television (UDTV)
Number of entries 28
Returning   Bartistan
Withdrawing   Chibcha Republic
Voting system 11 favourites are awarded 12, 11, then 8 through 1 points by all participants.
Youro Theme Contest
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The Youro Theme Contest 12was the twelfth edition of the Youro Theme Contest. The edition took place in Gokk, Uff Da after their victory in the previous edition with the song You Only Say You Love Me in the Dark performed by Janice. This was the first time that Uff Da had won the contest and therefore the first time they hosted the contest.

A total of 28 countries competed in this edition, where no countries debuted in the contest. Bartistan and Platonia returned to the contest, while Chibcha Republic, Elliria, Graustark, Ikana, and Kalipolis did not submit an entry to this edition. The top 13 of the previous edition (excluding Elliria, Graustark, and Kalipolis) were directly qualified to this edition's final, while the other 18 countries competed in the semi-final.

Hosting Information[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

The venue of the contest, Gokk Opera House in Gokk, Uff Da

Host City[edit | edit source]

On 6 June, UDTV announced that Gokk was selected as the host city of this edition Gokk is not only the largest city in Uff Da but also the capital city. Gokk had previously hosted the first edition of the Youro Song Contest.

Venue[edit | edit source]

UDTV also announced that the Gokk Opera Hous was going to serve as the venue of this edition. It has a capacity of approximately 4,500 people.

Hosts[edit | edit source]

Carina Dahl

On 13 June, UDTV announced that Carina Dahl will be hosting the event after successfully hosting the 8th and 13th edition of Youro Song Contest. Carina Dahl is one of the most popular female pop artists in Uff Da and a very known TV personality.

Format[edit | edit source]

  • Each edition in Youro Theme Contest consist of a theme chosen by the host broadcaster.
  • If there are 28-37 countries competing, then there will be a semi-final and a final. The top 10 of the previous edition will be pre-qualified to the final, while the rest of the participants will compete in the semi-final. The amount of qualifiers depends on the number of semi-finalists:
    • < 20 semi-finalists: The top 9 + IJ favourite will qualify (20 finalists)
    • ≥ 20 semi-finalists: The top 12 + IJ favourite will qualify (23 finalists)
  • If there are 38 or more participants, then the top 5 of the previous edition will be pre-qualified to the final. The rest of the participants are then split into two semi-finals with 10 qualifiers from each semi-final.
    • The top 9 + IJ favourite will qualify for the final (25 finalists)

Theme[edit | edit source]

During this edition, a time machine will be used to travel back in time to find suitable entries to the contest. The time machine is set to go back in time to any year before 1991, and all entries in this edition have to be released before 11.02.1991. Which means songs released after that date are not valid to compete in this edition.

Voting[edit | edit source]

  • All competing countries are obliged to vote in their own semi-final. Failing to do so will result in a disqualification of the entry and risk to lose their spot in the final and they will also receive a strike. However, they won't be banned from the next edition if they manage to vote in the final.
  • The finalists are also obliged to vote in the semi-final but then as a part of the International Jury and they will decide one of the qualifiers. If a finalist forgets to vote in time, their entry will receive a penalty of minus 25% to their points in the final.
  • All competing countries are obliged to vote in the final. Failing to do so will result in a strike and a ban from the next edition.

Returning Artists[edit | edit source]

The following artists are returning to the contest after previously competed in one of the earlier editions:

Artist Country Previous edition Previous country represented Previous result
Bonnie Tyler  Southern Slavonia YTC 1  Asgardia 1st

Participating countries[edit | edit source]

Semi Final[edit | edit source]

All semi-finalists and finalists are obliged to vote in the semi-final. Finalists will vote as a part of the International Jury. The top 9 + IJ favourite (the country that got the highest score of the not-qualifying countries in the IJ-voting) will qualify to the final. The deadline to vote in the semi-final is 26 June @ 22:00 CEST!

Draw Country Artist Song Language Year Place Points
1  Cowland Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want to Have Fun English 1989
2  Mexerica Bananarama Cruel Summer English 1984
3  Josem George Michael Careless Whisper English 1984
4  Hastwyn Jennifer Rush The Power of Love English 1985
5  Enzowood Mina Le Mille Bolle Blu Italian 1960
6  The Kaju's Heart Alone English 1987
7  Orange Island The Village People YMCA English 1978
8  Limnoupolitana Silvia Slivová Nemožná Slovak 1986
9  Bartistan Baccara Yes Sir, I Can Boogie English 1977
10  Volbaria Irene Cara Flashdance, What a Feeling English 1983
11  Sotora Kim Wilde You Keep Me Hangin' on English 1986
12  Fire Island Laura Branigan Self Control English 1984
13  Arcorar Dead or Alive You Spin Me Right Round English 1985
14  Mărium Yoko Oginome Dancing Hero Japanese 1985
15  Rockland Living Colour Cult of Personality English 1988
16  Platonia a-ha Take on Me English 1985
17  Limania The Cars Hello Again English 1984
18  Vovaltik Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) English 1983

Final[edit | edit source]

Draw Country Artist Song Language Year Place Points
 Asgardia Cher If I Could Turn Back Time English 1989
 Coco Islands Modern Talking Cheri Cheri Lady English 1985
 Dacla Kylie Minogue I Should Be So Lucky English 1988
 Esdonia When in Rome Promise English 1987
 Julbrendsen Isles Donna Summer This Time I Know It's for Real English 1989
 Phytopia Mecano Hijo De La Luna Spanish 1984
 Southern Slavonia Bonnie Tyler Holding Out for a Hero English 1984
 Teardrop Islands Sabrina Boys English 1987
 Uff Da Boney M Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-holiday English 1979
 Vivland Salt-N-Pepa Push It English 1986

Other countries[edit | edit source]

Eligibility for potential participation in the Youro Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with active YBU membership that would be able to broadcast the contest. The YBU will issue an invitation for participation in the contest to all active members. The following countries that competed in the 11th edition gave the following statements regarding their participation in this edition:

Withdrawing countries[edit | edit source]

The following countries have confirmed that they won't be competing in this edition:

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